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13 February


The Media and Marketing sub-group lead on raising awareness of Wigan Pride.

Our overall aims are:

  • To encourage safe, successful, well attended Wigan Pride events.

  • To encourage people to celebrate difference and promote acceptance of diversity.

We do this in lots of different ways including generating positive media coverage, designing and distributing marketing materials, and through our own and our key partners’ social media channels.

We also lead on making sure the setting for Wigan Pride looks fantastic on the day, which has included stage and / or set dressing, decorating the parade float, developing physical marketing assets such as lamppost banners and floor vinyls, and painting the face of Wigan rainbow colours!

On the day we work hard to make sure that any journalists have all the information they need and to successfully capture the atmosphere of the day through photography, video, and social media.

We are particularly looking for support to maintain our social media channels throughout the year.

Graphic design skills would also be an advantage although not essential.

We would welcome someone with lots of creative ideas and a great work ethic but also an awareness of the need to take care when putting messages out into the public domain and ideally some experience in communications work.


We are asking people to commit to attending the relevant Committee or sub-committee meetings. These meetings are usually 2 hours every month. These are where the decisions and actions are agreed.

On top of this, everyone on the committee has a role and actions to take forward in between meetings. These actions are where the real magic happens as they are things that bring Pride together. 

Each person generally commits approximately 4-6 hours a month, with more commitment usually needed in the 3 months leading up to the actual event.

Overall, the commitment tends to be 8-10 hours per month, per committee member.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.


All the roles for Wigan Pride Committee are volunteer roles and so there isn’t any financial reward.

However, the reward of being involved in the delivery of our loud, colourful, bold and brash Wigan Pride makes it all worthwhile to us and hopefully you too.

Wigan Pride does cover any reasonable expenses that are incurred on behalf of Pride business.


Wigan Pride Committee is the group of people who together organise, manage and deliver Wigan Pride. 

The aims of the Committee are to:

  • Work together to implement Wigan Pride, working positively with the local community, including professionals, partners and local organisations.

  • Encourage and support less well heard communities to have a voice and to shape Pride events across the borough throughout the year, for example, but not limited to: LGBTQ+ Young People, Autism Friends.

  • Promote inclusivity within Wigan Borough

The committee members uphold the values of Wigan Pride, which are:

  • Inclusiveness – we recognise that diversity is strength and will seek to listen and involve all people in meeting the aims of Wigan Pride.

  • Quality – we will strive for excellence in the delivery of our activities.

  • Connected we will work with and engage local communities and groups in the delivery of the aims of Wigan Pride.

  • Accessible we will provide fair and open access to Wigan Pride Committee and its activities.

  • Forward looking we will recognise the need for continual review and improvement.

The Committee meets every month for 2 hours (digitally at the moment) to make important decisions about Wigan Pride and agree what actions need to be taken in the coming month to make sure the event planning stays on track.

There are 4 sub-committees that are each responsible for delivering elements of Pride and the build up:

  • Business and Partnerships

  • Entertainment

  • Marketing and Media

  • Community

As well as this, there are individuals who focus on Health and Safety and Finance.

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