All applications will be processed based on the information you have supplied on the form; any areas on the form left blank WILL delay your application and may result in your application being rejected.

All applications can be accepted or declined and you will receive notification of the assessment.

Any changes/amendments should be requested in writing to Wigan Pride, any relevant and acceptable changes can be made. Any amendments/changes are still required to be completed by the deadline date, which is 30th June 2020.

Please note, when applying for a stall this is for a pitch only, Wigan Pride  do not provide any infrastructure.


Payments must be made in full by 30th June 2020 or once the invoice has been issued, we are unable to take deposits or payment plans.

All invoice payments must be made within the terms on the invoice, which is 28 days. Failure to make payment within the 28 days will result in your application being withdrawn and the pitch will be offered to another trader.


All payments made to Wigan Pride via the sponsor application/invoice or via the website are considered a donation.


NO REFUNDS will be issued if you are unable to attend the event.

NO REFUNDS will be given to traders or sponsors as a result of adverse weather conditions, nor as a result of changes in performance programs, open timings or re-siting of acts to different stages/areas within the festival/event. In the unlikelihood of the event being cancelled no refund will be given.


We are working behind the scenes on Wigan Pride 2021, and are keeping a close eye on the ongoing COVID-19 situation and how this may impact the event. 


In the unfortunate event that if Wigan Pride 2021 is cancelled we will honor all payments and agreements to Wigan Pride 2022. 

We will share any updates we have in due time to keep everyone informed.

Store Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not.


You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt.


Wigan Pride is a high-profile public event that is covered by local media. As well as Pride’s own photographers whose images are used for press and PR, attendees may be photographed or appear in televised coverage produced by other media.


Please use HAZARD LIGHTS when moving around site. 

All vehicles MUST abide by the site rules. Vehicle movement must not exceed 5mph.

Due to volume of public on site, there are strict vehicle curfews in place on site:

  • No Motorcycles or quad bikes permitted on site.

  • All non essential vehicles must leave the site for 10am. 

  • No vehicle will be allowed to enter the site after 10am. (with exception to emergency service vehicles)

  • Any vehicle acting as a stall withing the site will not be allowed to move after 10am.

  • Vehicles may only enter and leave site after 5pm. (with exception to emergency service vehicles)

Please note automated bollards are in place. 

All vehicle curfew times will be in the Event Specifications. Any vehicles found moving while the curfew is in place will be removed from site.

All vehicles are brought to site at the owners risk and must be suitably insured.


First Aid will be provided throughout the day across the whole event. The First Aid post will be located outside Barclays Bank on Market Street (this is subject to change).


All stall holder will agree the terms and conditions as part of your application


Below are the operational procedures for concessionaires, all traders need to be aware of how Wigan Pride operates i.e. flow of paperwork, documentation required, payments etc.

Wigan Pride reserves the right to remove any trader from the festival site who does not comply with the obligations outlined within this document.

Before we provide you with a contract we would like to know that you fully understand what to expect.


Before you are granted access to Wigan Pride you are required to submit an Application Form along with the requested documentation.

The application will NOT be accepted as a part application, ALL the supporting documentation are required to be submitted at the same time.

Once the Business Team receives your completed application, your details will be entered onto the Wigan Pride Database.


Traders need to ensure their stall infrastructure is sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and is secure.

Gardens gazebos are not suitable.

You will need a minimum of 20kilo of weight on each leg of your gazebo. Please note, health and safety inspections are in operation, please ensure you have sufficient weights or guy ropes.


All traders must adhere to current trading legislation. Each trader is responsible for providing their own Public Liability Insurance.  

Traders are obliged to have public liability insurance to cover any hazard or loss that may occur at the festival.

All employees must be covered by employer’s compulsory liability insurance.

Traders must also be covered by product liability insurance.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that Wigan Pride and/or their employees are not responsible or liable for:

  • Any financial losses incurred by you;

  • Any loss of or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings;

  • Any injury to employees or staff working for or connected to you and your business

We recommend that you insure your property against any form of damage. Traders need to ensure their stall infrastructure is sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and is secure.


All traders are required by law to have Risk Assessments & Hazard Analysis in place. Risk Assessments & Hazard Analysis maybe requested by the Health & Safety Manager. 


No traders are permitted to sub-contract any pitches to third parties or other contractors. The trader who applies to the event and has been accepted will be the only trader permitted on site and allowed to trade. Any other traders other than the company accepted will be refused access to site, prevented from trading and no refunds on concession given.


The following items are prohibited and cannot be sold at any time:

  • Illegal Drugs

  • Legal highs of any kind or substances governed by the new Psychoactive Substances Bill

  • Cigarettes or Alcohol.

  • Shisha, Paan and any other tobacco product

  • E-cigarettes or any other vape product

  • Items relating to official festival merchandise, or acts appearing therein, unless by special arrangement

  • Hand held candles/ wax flares, or any kind of ‘Sky/chinese Lanterns’.

  • Offensive weapons

  • No megaphones or air horns.

  • Racist/ offensive material.

  • Any unauthorised CD’s, DVD’s.

  • No super soakers or water pistols

  • No drones

  • Unofficial tabards and reflective jackets

  • Portable laser equipment and pens

  • No disposable BBQs, camp cookers, fuel stoves or firelighters

Traders must not sell any item purporting to be official or unofficial festival merchandise of any description, or in any regard to any of the artists appearing at the event.

The organiser reserves the right to require the Trader to remove any merchandise that is deemed offensive or in conflict with the event sponsors, such as: unauthorised Pride logos on any goods such as T-shirts, baseball caps and craft goods and any bootleg goods. Including goods being offered that have a connection with any band/act appearing at the event.


Once your application has been confirmed with Wigan Pride and all monies have been received and cleared, Wigan Pride will provide you with all necessary information relating to the event. A Trader’s pack will be issued which explains ALL information and Do’s and Don’ts for the event.

Please ensure you read this information as it does differ from event to event. It is your responsibility to read through the Trader’s Pack and comply with the event site rules and regulations. Anyone found disregarding the event site rules and regulations will be held accountable, resulting in possible closure and site eviction.


You will be sent an Event Pack, which will includes:

  • A map with the market location marked on it

  • Your arrival time and date

  • A copy of the site rules

  • Contact details for the Business Team



All arrival times/dates must be adhered to; anyone not arriving within specified times/dates etc. may be refused access to site and no refunds given.

Wigan Pride will not be responsible for contractor delays due to traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns etc.

Once Siting commences each trader will be put in position by the Health and Safety Manager (not all traders will be sited immediately upon arrival to site) Siting could be delayed due to unforeseen site circumstances i.e. bad weather etc.


Any pitch locations agreed by Wigan Pride prior to an event could change due to issues experienced on the day etc., should this be the case Wigan Pride will endeavour to accommodate each trader accordingly.


Traders are responsible for keeping 5m areas both in front and behind their allocated trading space tidy and free of rubbish at all times.

All Rubbish must be put into appropriate bins provided; traders must leave their site as they found it. Traders leaving any rubbish, furniture, equipment or structures will be charged for the cost of clearing their site and disposing of rubbish and may not be invited back to trade at future events.



Please note that no power can be supplied and no form of generator must be used onsite unless permission has been given in writing by Wigan Pride. The event takes place in daylight, so you may not need power.


Traders must co-operate with site Security at all times. Police have the right to search any person or vehicle entering the site

Wigan Pride reserves the right to exclude or remove from the event site any person. Pride takes no responsibility for items left on site, any specific requirements should be made in writing by the 30th June although this cannot be guaranteed


All traders need to supply recyclable materials to the public e.g. paper plates, wooden cutlery, etc.

Food traders are required to have a 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket at their stand.

Food Traders must supply a completed fire risk assessment.

Wigan Pride reserve the right to remove from traders any materials supplied to the public that are likely to cause damage and traders will not be compensated for any resulting loss.

Food hygiene regulations must be adhered to at all times.

Do not dispose of any waste water or cooking oil on to the grass or down drains, this must be taken off site and disposed of accordingly.

All food traders are allowed one vehicle only (in addition to any serving unit) to remain static on site behind their stand.

No trader is allowed sell alcohol. Any trader found selling alcohol will be closed down and may not be invited back to future events.


Food traders must comply with The General Food Regulations 2004, The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013, and Regulations (EC) 178/2002 and 852/2004.

Food traders must bring to site and use purpose built hand washing facilities with hot and cold running water.

PLEASE NOTE we will NOT accept water from a tea urn poured into a bowl as “hand washing facilities”. Those who come onto site without appropriate hand washing facilities will be closed down and their fee will not be refunded.

Food traders are required to provide details of the local authority where they are registered and their current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score. Confirmation of the trading name of the business, as it appears on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme site, maybe requested via email. No food trade pitch will be fully confirmed without confirmation email.


If it appears to Wigan Pride that the Trader or their staff may be engaged in activities deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the event or which appear to be in breach of the law, Wigan Pride reserves the right, without any liability to the Trader, to require you to vacate the space and refuse the Trader the right to further participate at the event.

Any trader or their staff found not complying with the terms of the site license or any of the terms stated in the contract will be closed down and/or removed from site and they shall not be entitled to any refund.


Traders are required to co-operate fully with Site Management, Security, Emergency Services, Police and all official organisations on site such as Environmental Health, Fire Officers, HM Revenue & Customs Staff, Environment Agency, Immigration and Trading Standards Service etc.


All employers, whatever the size of the business, must:


  • Make the workspace safe

  • Prevent risks to health

  • Make sure that all materials are handled, stored and used safely

  • Check that the right work equipment is provided and is properly used and regularly maintained

  • Prevent or control exposure to substances that may damage the health of staff

  • To avoid potentially dangerous work involving manual handling and if it can’t be avoided, take precautions

  • Reduce the risk of injury

  • Provide health supervision as needed

  • Provide a minimum of 20kg weight on each gazebo leg 


Wigan Pride cannot be held responsible for the level of trading during the event.



Wigan Pride will not be responsible in any way for any article, machinery or object of any kind traded at the event.

The trader shall assume full responsibility including liability for all claims arising out of your pitch, handling or behaviour and the conduct of the stand generally.

The trader shall indemnify Wigan Pride against all claims, damages or expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of the trader or their exhibits on the event site. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a condition of entry.

Traders are advised to insure against fire not only as regards to their own property but also against any third party claims.

Traders are responsible for the actions and behaviour of their staff. Should the organisers deem any trader’s staff’s behaviour as inappropriate, illegal, foul, criminally damaging property or being offensive, that person will be removed from site and your business may be prohibited from trading at Wigan Pride events in the future

Care should be taken not to cause any damage or changes to the site or to any of the fittings, equipment or any other property belonging to the site, to Wigan Pride or any of our contractors. You will be required to pay for any damage you cause, including accidental damage. This cost may include transportation and labour costs incurred.


Under the requirements of the Reporting of Accident, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 1995 (RIDDOR) all accidents that are classified as major under these regulations must be reported to the organisers and also to the appropriate statutory authority. 

The trader will indemnify Wigan Pride for all claims arising out of the event and the traders show staff and invitees conduct at the Trade Stand generally and against all claims, demands, damages, proceedings, costs or expenses whatsoever in any way relating to or arising out of use of the Trade Stand by the trader.

All traders are bound by all UK laws.


The allocation of pitches and/or the positioning of stand space will be entirely at the discretion of the organisers, although every endeavour will be made to meet any reasonable request made by a trader regarding the position of their stand/space.


Under no circumstance will traders be allowed to occupy a larger space than that allocated to them.

Wigan Pride will not be held responsible for damage caused to stands by a third party during the event period and will not undertake to make good such damage.



Registration and Parade Muster: 10.15 - 10.45

All organisations must register and then move into their designated space within the parade by 10.45 at the latest. 

Parade vehicles should be parked and ready to feed into the parade. Only pre-booked, authorised vehicles will be allowed to take part in the parade.

Stewards and volunteers will sign in all groups participating in the parade. participants will then move into their designated area – there will be numbered markers/paddles to represent each area (the order of the parade is confirmed by the pride parade team.)


The Parade: 11:00 - 12:00 
Vehicles will safely feed into the parade, under Steward Supervision. Participants will travel the planned route (via vehicle or on foot.)

The Main Event: 12:00 
Participants will disperse and may proceed to other areas of the pride event.  



In the unlikely event of any late changes to the parade route, this will be communicated via the Stewards to the group leaders.

  • Start point: TBC

  • Travel along: TBC

  • End point: TBC

Visit the parade section of our website for more information and FAQs.


  • Unfortunately, there is no provision for parking at the parade start site. 

  • A designated safe drop off point will be operation on the day, more information coming soon.

  • All Parade participants will be responsible for the parking and safety of their own vehicles.  There are a number of carparks around the town centre (listed below) but please ask if you need assistance in finding them.

Carparks in Wigan Town Centre:

  • Chapel Lane, WN1 1SX

  • Grand Arcade, WN1 1BH

  • Mona Street WN1 1SX

  • Wallgate, WN1 1BA

Please note: The Civic Centre carpark will be closed to the public and to Wigan Council pass holders.


  • No sharp or unfinished edges should be exposed

  • No pyrotechnics/ flares/ fireworks used

  • No confetti to be thrown

  • No glass should be used

  • No items / objects should be thrown

  • No explicit music 

  • No alcohol, illegal items or illegal substances are permitted during ANY stage of the Parade.

  • No changing facilities are available at Wigan Life Centre North building.

  • Only vehicles/floats authorised by Wigan Pride are to participate within the parade.


Only leaflets and merchandise authorised by the Wigan Pride Committee can be handed out along the parade. Please distribute leaflets and merchandise with care - do not throw ANY items towards spectators. 


Please be aware of others around you to avoid any unnecessary injury. 


We advise banners (should you have one) to be no taller than 2 metres and no wider than 3 meters.  If the Pride Parade team deem a banner to be unsafe, you will asked to leave it behind.

Please be especially cautious where the route narrows and where there’s likely to be more pedestrians; around the Standishgate and Millgate areas. 


The British weather is unpredictable – we recommend making a plan for both good weather and bad weather so that you can more easily assess what to wear and use on the day of the event. 


There are no special arrangements for refreshments or toilet breaks. 


We recommend participants carry a plastic bottle of water and apply suntan lotion before the Parade – especially if it is a hot day. 

We strongly recommend comfortable walking shoes. 

We advise against carrying heavy bags as we will not have any storage facilities for personal belongings. 

Don’t forget any required medication (inhalers etc.)

The parade moves at a steady pace and has uphill inclines along the route that maybe unsuitable for people with mobility impairments.  Please speak to the Parade team if you need any additional help.

Most importantly – Have fun!


The parade will be constantly monitored by the Stewards and Parade Officials. They will deal with any problems as they arise, directly. 


Fancy dress is encouraged - but must be in line with the public behaviour and other sections of the our terms and conditions. Costumes in the parade must be appropriate for a family audience.

Although every effort has been made to make the parade as safe as possible, participants are advised that they take part at their own risk and costumes should be appropriate for walking. 


Pride is a family friendly event celebrating diversity. We want everyone who attends to have a fun and safe time.

Please show courtesy and good manners to your fellow participants and spectators.


Each organisation taking part should choose a ‘Group Leader’ to register the team.

Group leaders are to aide stewards in the positioning of their groups within the formation of the parade at the Start Point. 

Group Leaders are responsible for communicating all the information in this document. This is a health and safety requirement for all groups participating.

Parade End


Social Media
We encourage anyone and everyone to share their experiences during the pride festivities across all social media platforms, we ask that you to use the #WiganPride20 and @WiganPrideLGBT so we can see what the amazing things you are doing to support Wigan Pride and of course get Wigan Pride trending!


Wigan Pride is discouraging single-use plastic on all of its managed sites in 2020. Please encourage all your parade participants to bring and use refillable containers for water. 

Please do not litter during the event. There are many rubbish bins along the parade route, alternately dispose appropriately at the conclusion of the parade.

When planning your parade entry please consider using recycled materials and keep your litter generation to a minimum.


Whilst we recognise that Pride was born out of protest and encourage political participation, parade entries will be withdrawn or removed should any group or individual denigrate the work of Wigan Pride or other charities, community groups and businesses, participating in the parade.

Wigan Pride is a family friendly event, suitable for all ages. No nudity will be permitted, nor flashing or exposure of areas of the body which are normally covered when out and about in public.

No Smoking, no alcohol or drugs to be consumed whilst participating in the parade. No alcohol should be carried by walking participants. No participant should be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.

If alcohol is found on any participant or seen to being consumed by members of your group the entire group will be removed from the parade and you will be asked to leave the parade when it is safe to do so.

No flyers, leaflets, promotional materials or any other items are to be thrown when walking past the crowds at any time.*INCLUDING ANY SWEETS/FOOD, HATS, LOLLY POPS, FLAGS OR WATER – These items will cause extra litter and waste along the parade route as well as causing potential harm to the environment or injury to spectators.

You must work with pride organisers and keep your parade entry moving as per the guidance from the parade manger and stewards.

Participants that break any of the conditions and ignore requests to stop, you risk not been invited to participate in the parade the following year.


Any extreme behaviour or non –  compliance will result in your group being taken out of the parade with no future participation.

Organisations and individuals take part in the parade at their own risk and are advised to follow the guidance set out above for their own safety.


The organisers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the event.


Parade participants consent to the photography, filming/sound recording of the event as members of the audience, which may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish Wigan Pride to use your picture, please inform the photographer.


Children under 17 participating in the parade must be accompanied by an adult. Lost children should be reported to a steward or the Police as a matter of urgency.


Management reserve the right to eject or refuse participation in the parade to any persons acting in a manner deemed inappropriate by management and maybe asked to leave.

Wigan Pride event organisers reserve the right to refuse participation if they feel any of the above has been breached. This includes intentionally falsifying application details at the time of submission.